The Men We Became

Final-Cover--ywitterStory courtesy of The Daily Domer:

Every fall, thousands of fans gather in Notre Dame Stadium to watch the Fighting Irish go marching onward to victory. But when those young men in blue and gold graduate, and they move on to tackle new challenges after their football career has ended, the fans don’t always follow.

Now, one Notre Dame alumna is telling their story.

In Echoes From the End Zone: The Men We Became, which hits bookstores today, Lisa Kelly ’93 (@4LeafCloverGirl) tells the stories of 25 former Notre Dame football players who are still working hard for continued success—long after hanging up their helmets.

Kelly—the “Biggest Fan of the Big East” in 2012 and frequent contributor to Notre Dame blog Her Loyal Sons—explores the players’ years at Notre Dame, their final football days, and the lessons they learned in college that later changed their lives.

Read more about the book at

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