Help Oscar McBride and “Fit 4 Life Youth Foundation” | The Men We Became Raffle


In honor of BEAT USC week I’d like to help out the Irish Player Charities charity of the month, Oscar McBride’s “Fit 4 Life Youth Foundation.”

Fit4Life Youth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded with the immediate goal of combating America’s fastest growing health epidemic – childhood obesity.

Statistics illustrate the breadth of this epidemic, its negative health consequences, and its cost to Americans. Fit4Life is proud to join this battle and become a leader in the fight by offering programs to get our youth moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

One of the most critical factors in combating the epidemic of obese and overweight children is meeting the challenge of getting our kids to exercise more. Part of this process requires organizations such at Fit4Life to offer fun and inspiring, yet challenging exercise programs that will engage and encourage our children toward a lifetime of fitness. This process also requires instruction and education to balance proper nutrition with the appropriate level of fitness.

By offering a variety of programs, Fit4Life hopes to reach all youth. No one is immune to the economic and societal consequences brought on by the multitude of health conditions suffered due to childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is an epidemic, one that does not discriminate. It touches all of us.

Beyond physical fitness programs, Fit4Life also seeks to educate its participants on the importance of education, character and leadership development through its mentorship programs which use sport, culture and positive life experiences as the relational platform. Please visit our Programs and Headlines pages to see our most recent endeavors.

To help Oscar’s foundation I am holding a raffle this week. The winning entry will win a copy of “The Men We Became” signed by:

Tony Rice – 88 Championship Team
Pat Terrell – 88 Championship Team
John Foley – 88 Championship Team
Marv Russell – 73 Championship Team
Rick Mirer – Class of 93
Reggie Brooks – Class of 93
Oscar McBride – Class of 94

To enter the raffle please donate $10 to my paypal account through along with your name and contact information.

On Saturday morning, October 19th I will draw one lucky winner who will win a signed copy of the book.

All proceeds will be donated to Oscar’s “Fit 4 Life Youth Foundation.”

Thank you in advance for your support and GO IRISH!



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