Echoes From the End Zone: The Men We Became – Book Launch Party

MeBookMelody(St. Louis) The Notre Dame Alumni Club of St. Louis is happy to announce the publication of distinguished alumna and club member Lisa Kelly’s new book. The book distills dozens of interviews with former ND football players into 25 stories representing their impressions of how Our Lady’s University molded them into the people they are now.

The official release date is August 1, and we will be hosting a launch party on August 21st [new date!] at BlackFinn at the Galleria (the same location used for football game watches). Lisa will be on hand to speak to us about everything that went into making the book happen. Two of the men from the book will also be on hand … ALVIN MILLER and JOHN FOLEY!

(Also, every person who purchases a book will be entered into a drawing for a bottle of Mirror Wine – courtesy of Lisa Kelly and Rick Mirer of Mirror Wines!)

Echoes From the End Zone: The Men We Became

The Notre Dame Student-Athlete: Sports fans may have an idea of what it takes to play football at a Division I college: the training, the discipline, the pain, the motivation. But most of us have no idea what it takes to be a successful student-athlete at a top academic institution such as Notre Dame.

Being a successful student-athlete at the University of Notre Dame requires more effort than working two full-time jobs: one needs dedication, determination, and a drive to succeed – to be the best both physically and mentally – and to learn and achieve despite the pain, despite the disappointments, and without letting the successes – both on and off the field – inflate your ego.

Echoes From The End Zone: The Men We Became tells the story of 25 former Notre Dame football players:

• the lessons they learned in college, and how those
lessons changed their lives: The Notre Dame Value Stream
• their years at Notre Dame
• the end of their football careers
• the new careers and dreams they followed

Their stories and career choices may surprise you, but by each of these former Notre Dame student-athletes you will be impressed and inspired by the choices they made so early in life that enabled them to succeed beyond The End Zone. For more information please visit

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